IV Therapy Training

Our Team provides education and certification program on IV Therapy for 14.5 CEUs to assure proper staff training. Taught by a Critical Care RN, this two-day basic course will provide an in-depth understanding of all types of catheters, types of patients and clinical indications. Our Advanced IV Therapy Certification Training instructs participants to effectively deliver nursing care to patients on infusion therapies and gain confidence in their abilities. Through lecture, discussion, practice with vascular access training devices and return demonstration, participants learn to initiate, monitor and manage patients receiving IV infusions.

Participants will learn the differences in the tip location and the types of infusion therapies that can be infused through each device. Patient safety and positive outcomes depends upon a nurse’s knowledge of catheter technology, routine nursing care, catheter management and complications! The following objectives to be covered are:

  • Review IV Solutions & Categories; Identify Purposes, Complications and Prevention Protocol
  • Patient Assessment, Implement 6 Rights of Medication Administration, Identify Types, Indications and Placement of CV Catheters
  • Implement Skills (Venipuncture), CVC Line Management, PICC Line and Care of Central Lines
  • Peripheral & Central Infusion Therapy, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, Midline Catheters, Implantable Subcutaneous Vascular Access Devices, Medication Administration, Blood and Blood Product Administration, Infusion Regulations System
  • Documentation of Procedure and Patient Response
  • We provide an accredited course with a certificate of completion thatincludes 14.5 hours (CEUs).

Please Call for Schedules and Fees: (817) 282-4422

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